1-90 & 1-94, Across the Northern United States

Andy and I loaded my little Hyundai Accent and drove across the entire Northern United States. We would stop each night at different spots along the way. We took a few breaks, visiting the beautiful Yellowstone National Park and silly places, like the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, ND. We were amazed at the scenery and really had fun together. If you would want an incredible traveling companion look no further than Andy Colborn. He made the trip so much fun and so easy. If and when I would get stressed about the driving, like when we headed up into the mountains of Idaho and Montana, he would find the perfect songs to accompany and calm us. He had a wealth of Radio Labs and Moth podcasts to share. We had great conversations about science, life and philosophy. He is such a great young man. I dearly love him. I am grateful for Darryl suggesting that we must drive.