Allegan Historic Home Tour, Allegan, Michigan

I attended the walking tour of Allegan Historic homes on Saturday visiting homes in downtown Allegan that dated back to 1838, 1868, 1871 and more. The homes were so beautiful and inspirational. I got lots of ideas on what we can do with our 1868 farmhouse. The homes had similar wood floors. The owners had sanded and finished them exposing such rich beauty. I met some amazing homeowners, people excited to bring these old homes back to life. I met Linda Clark, who heads up the Allegan Arts Council. We talked about the soul of old homes and how they seem to respond to loving care. I would love to have one or more of these homeowners walk through the farmhouse sharing what they think is its potential. I can’t wait until we can bring it back to life again filling it with the laughter of young people and children. All the houses had been updated. It inspired me to think about how we will finish the floors, adorn and paint the walls and build a big country farm kitchen that retains the look of an old farmhouse. The idea of creating a farm kitchen that has room for dozens of kids and a place to feed dozens of people sounds amazing.