Donation Page

You can be part of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is part of a larger mural, a lovely pastoral farm scene, designed by renowned Michigan artist, Conrad Kaufman. This beautiful tree will feature the names of our wonderful donors. Positioned on a carefully preserved building, it will have a place of honor, visible to all, at the entrance to the farm. In addition, everyone who donates will be given recognition on our sponsors’ page of the website, as well (unless you prefer not to). See the donation options and levels below.

Leaves – $25

Leaves are so important; they take carbon dioxide out of the air and with the energy from the sun and water, convert it into life sustaining carbohydrates – food for us. Cheers to the leaves for their power to sustain life. For the individual donor, who wants to cheer on this project.

Branches – $100

Branches and their twigs support the work of the leaves. They bend and sway, providing support to the leaves and fruit as they carry water upward and carbohydrates where needed. Hurray for the branches for their limitless support. For individuals and families who want to provide initial support.

Trunk – $500

The trunk of a tree plays a vital role in supporting the structure of the entire organism.  It offers itself as the main support. Expressions of gratitude to the trunk for its unwavering strength and commitment. For those who want to offer a deeper level of support.

Roots – $1,000 and up

Roots anchor the trees in the forest. They are interconnected from tree to tree. With a strong root system and the anchoring support it provides, a tree will thrive. Hurray to roots with all their connections and their vital life giving support. For those who wish to serve as the anchors of the project, providing vital support.

Or you can honor a farmer…

Honoring a Farmer – $50
If you have a farmer in your past or even present, and who of us doesn’t, you can honor him or her by including his or her name on a beautiful barn quilt designed by Dorr artisan, Marilyn Anderson. The eight feet square quilt will feature your farmer’s name and area in a block that circles the honor, heal, nurture logo and will hang on a prominent face on the barn. It is a wonderful way to memorialize a farmer forever and preserve his or her name for posterity. Honor your farmer and be part of the historic renovation of the circa 1871 barn and receive a free ticket to the 2013 spring Historic Barn Renovation Party & Farm Art Show.