Youth Gardening Program

Would you like to be part of something big, something meaningful and exciting?


Do you love having fun while making a difference in the world? Do you enjoy working outside? Are you a natural leader with a passion for the environment and good food? We need you. Be part of the first ever pilot Youth Gardening Program’s Green Team.

As a member of the Green Team you’ll have the opportunity:

  1. To do meaningful work that positively impacts the health of their community
  2. To learn plant science/gardening in a hands-on setting
  3. To grow your own food
  4. To be able to feed yourself and your families more healthy fruits and vegetables
  5. To work as a team member
  6. To grow as a leader
  7. To spend time outside in nature
  8. To learn more about global hunger and environmental issues
  9. To take action on a local level
  10. To learn job skills in both horticulture/farming and marketing
  11. To boost self-esteem and confidence
  12. To connect with like minded teens

Allegan Historic Farm & Learning Center’s Mary A. Colborn is currently working with Dr. Norm Lownds at Michigan State University to create a virtual plant biology class with a hands-on component as part of a doctoral program. She is seeking a dozen high school students interested in being part of a pilot program. The goal is for this pilot program to become the basis for a state and eventual national youth garden/job training program.
She is recruiting students passionate about exploring current global hunger and environmental issues, who are excited about creating change on a local level, including building community gardens this. Contact her at or 360-621-0050 by text or phone. Through the winter she will ask students to attend the Allegan Green Film Fest and/or view the films at other scheduled times and meet weekly for discussions on environmental and sustainability issues.

Click here to fill out the online application.

Everyone says that “our children are our future,” but do they have the skills they need to live happy, healthy lives? Our goal is to offer youth a farm education that emphasizes leadership and gardening skills – teaching them how to grow their own food and market it – while learning to respect themselves, their community and the environment.